Testimonials & Referrals

~Mrs. Millie Thompson is an excellent teacher. What I like about her is she’ll make my daughter practice a song until she’s perfect at it. She will tell me if my daughter needs to work on something, if it’s counting, playing louder, etc. I’ve had very good experiences with my daughter’s teacher. I’m very happy that I signed my daughter up for this piano class, and Millie Thompson is very advanced.”

~ Anonymous parent Sept 2018

~I have been taking piano lessons from Ms. Millie Thompson for the last 14 months. As an adult with no prior musical training, I started the lessons for “older beginners”. Millie has been extremely patient with me while training me on the building blocks of music. She continues to share interesting facts and context behind the musical pieces which fascinates me. She has very keen observation skills that enable her to promptly identify areas where I am struggling. To help me make progress, she breaks down the “complexity” into smaller chunks and shares helpful tips on how to practice the difficult bits. Millie is also very flexible to accommodate my work and travel schedules. She is the most supportive, insightful, and fun teacher I’ve ever had – I’m truly blessed to be learning from a superb mentor.

                                                                   ~ Ridhima T.

~My son has been a student at the Somerville School of Music for six years. During his time here he has learned so much! How to read music and tabs, play scales, all different genres of music and most of all a true love and appreciation for music and guitar. He looks forward every week to his lesson with Jim, he has so much fun. and enjoys every minute he gets to spend learning with him. In the six years my son has been here he has started and stopped many things, but not guitar! I credit that to the fantastic teaching and attitude of Jim and all of the wonderful teachers at the Somerville School of Music.

                                                                         ~ Janet K.

Unfortunately, we do not offer lessons for every type of aspiring musician. We offer a list of contacts for you to look into, because we know them well enough to recommend them to you.

  • Voice Lessons….Gary Gavula…908.526.3016
  • Voice Lessons ….Daria Dragon…908.253.8625
  • Trumpet….Andrew Filippone….908.295.4363
  • Piano Tuner ….. Randy Johnson … 908.813.0739
  • Harp…..Patty Turse….908.722.9757